eFax from Email Client
Collin Mitchell
Sep-24th, 2018 4:49

In order to send an eFax you will need a dedicated fax number routed. If you do not have a dedicated fax number please reach out to your Account Manager.

If you already have a dedicated fax number you can follow the below steps.

**Please note that any PBX user can send a fax from the email account that is on their PBX profile***

  1. Open your Email Client
  2. Click to send a new email 
  3. In the TO: box you will type the 11 digit number @inatant-fax.com (eg: 14246450741@instantfax.com
  4. Attach your file you want to fax
  5. Click send
  6. You be emailed back a conformation email 
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