VoIP Feature Codes
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Jun-14th, 2018 7:59

VoIP Feature Codes can be toggled ON/OFF at the Account level for each of your customers.  These are the defaults on all accounts.




Enable Call Forward

Turn call forwarding on


Disable Call Forward

Turn call forwarding off


Update Call Forward

Change the number forwarding goes to


Park and Retrieve

Park and Retrieve a call. IE. Blind Transfer to *710 to Park. Call *55 + extension to Retrieve.



Valet park a call. System will announce the parking slot number.



Retrieve a Valet-parked call. *55 followed by slot number. IE. *5100


Check Voicemail

Call 5001 to check voicemail box.


Direct to Voicemail

Send call directly to voicemail. IE. Blind Transfer to *7101

*7 + ext


Make an anonymous call. *67 followed by the number. IE. *678005551212


Enable Hot Desking

As a device user, log into a phone and take it over as yours

Dial 5002

Disable Hot Desking

As a device user, reset a phone to a generic user’s extension that does not belong to any one.

Dial 5002


Direct Pickup

Pick up call ringing another user. *35 followed by the user extension. I.E *35101


Dynamic Call Recording

While on a call press *80 to activate call recording and *81 to deactivate call recording

*80 / *8

ShortcutFeature Description
7{ext}Transfer a call directly to voicemail (3 or 4 digit extension)
71[0-9]Transfer a call to a Call Park Queue in the 710-719 Range for Parking without Callback
72[0-9]Transfer a call to a Call Park Queue in the 720-729 Range for Parking with Callback
99{ext}Auto Answer/Intercom (3 or 4 digit extension) This feature does not work with SLA.
099Invoke the Account Code feature
5000Unregistered Login to VMail (prompted for acct no and password)
5001Registered Login to VMail (prompted for password only)
5002Hot Desking Sign In
5003Request User's PIN then provides 2nd dialtone (useful for phones in public spaces)

Conference Controls.

For more information about the conference controls & additional star codes available, please reference this document below:

Click for Conference Controls

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