Activate Night Mode
Jesse Fairfax
Aug-21st, 2018 11:31

Activate Night Mode


Night Mode is a setting that allows users to enable/disable an Answering Rule by using a star-code or speed dial key. The star-code *74 is used to Activate Night mode. The star-code *75 is used to de-activate night mode.

If you are using a Routing User to direct calls to a specific destination, then the 'Night' Answering Rule described here must be configured for the Routing User. The Routing User must also be added as a line key to any phone you wish to be able to enable/disable Night Mode. This is accomplished by adding the extension of the Routing User to the lines of the (receiptionist for example) user phone in NDP. (In doing so, this will add a regular seat license, to the routing user)


Create a Time Frame named 'Night' 

The punctuation must match 'Night' exactly (the N must be capitalized)

Create an Answering Rule called Night for the desired User using the Night timeframe 

The Night Answering Rule must be the top-most priority in the list of Answering Rules. When this rule is enabled by the *74 star-code, it will show as "Active".

When this rule is disabled by the *75 star-code, it will be ignored and the switch will move on to the next applicable answering rule.


If you are using a Routing User to direct calls to a specific destination, you may need a line appearance of the extension on the operator's phone to interact with the 'Night' feature. Press the line appearance first, then use your star codes to enable/disable the feature.

If desired, create a speed-dial or programmable key using overrides to allow easy access to these features. (See override examples below)

Visual Indicator

There is not a visual indicator for the phone to display which timezone is active, including a "Night" time frame. If it's important to see something visual, you may considering forwarding the phone to a night routing user, or funtionality as needed. On a Yealink phone this displays as an orange arrow indicator. A single button can be programmed for on/off.

Below is an example of Yealink Overrides for this:

#Forward on button 8 ( YEALINK )

(x is the extension desired) 
The label should already be "<- Forward" on the phone, using this override, as mentioned above.

Creating Speed Dial buttons as a shortcut

Another alternative is to create a pair of speed dial buttons for the user(s) phones, to easily press as they need to activate or deactivate the night mode.

Below is an example of Yealink Overrides for this:

#Speed Dial on button 3 ( YEALINK ) 
linekey.3.label="Night ON"

#Speed Dial on button 4 ( YEALINK ) 
linekey.4.label="Night OFF"

NOTE: The linekey.X.line="1" above needs to be changed in the example above to match the account postion in the NDP.

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