Connect Instant Fax ATA to the Network
Monster Technology
Jun-14th, 2018 7:35

This guide will explain how to configure the Instant Fax ATA device for use with the MonsterFax system.

This procedure applies to the white (3001R) ATA units only.

Use the following steps to connect your ATA to the service.

  1. Connect the ATA WAN port to your network using standard RJ 45 network cable.
  2. Connect the ATA PHONE 1 port to your fax machine or analog phone using standard RJ-11 telephone cable.
  3. Connect the ATA 12VDC to the power adapter provided within the ATA box.
  4. Power it on. Wait at least 10-15 minutes. It is often necessary for the device to download new firmware.
  5. After this wait time, you should see POWER, RUN, and WAN lights on and green.
  6. Pick up the handset of your fax or from speaker function or analog phone if you used this instead, you should see PHONE 1 light on and green, and also hear the dial tone.
  7. Hang up the handset, the PHONE 1 light should be off. The ATA is now ready for fax service.

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